Climáximo COP-21 Perspective

In December 2015 the UN Climate Summit COP-21 will take place in Paris.

Together with Climate Space,

“We know what is going to come out of Paris and it is not going to be the system change that we want but more corporate power, more carbon markets, and more dangerous techno fixes that will lead to the financialization of nature. We know what is going to come out of Paris and it will not be about leaving fossil fuels under the ground, but will be about ambiguous concepts like “net zero emissions” that will open the door to geo-engineering.”

There is no way to ignore what is already a reality: we have to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 80% to avoid a temperature rise of 2°C which would drastically worsen the planetary living conditions for millions of people and all living beings on Earth.climatespacephoto

As part of Climate Justice Action, we aim “to use the COP talks in Paris as a moment to collectively fight for climate and social justice:

  • We want to democratize the climate discourse and expand the focus from climate change to system change.
  • With acts of creative disobedience we will emphasize the real potential of alternatives and confront the broken system of capitalism.
  • This will be a celebration of unity in diversity.
  • Paris will be an empowering, galvanizing experience which continues to build our movement and amplify the voices to affected communities, through and beyond 2015.”

We will mobilize in Portugal and around the world, following the international mobilization calendar.

At the COP-21, we will participate in the Climate Games:

“In December 2015, corporate power will play a high-risk gamble with the UN climate talks. Fossil fuel lobbyists and the peddlers of false solutions are already conspiring to overwhelm the COP21 summit in Paris. But it won’t be business-as-usual this time: the global Blockadia movements will converge to obstruct their corrosive activities, intercept their influence, and chase them out of politics.quitfossil

Get ready for the world’s largest non-violent civil disobedience direct action adventure game in the streets of Paris, in cyberspace and beyond.”

Come to our meetings, send us an email, reach us via Facebook, take part in the international movement for social and climate justice.

PS: We are also planning to go to Paris for the Red Lines action on December 12th. Keep tuned!

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