Red Lines, D12, Paris

In December, world governments will meet in Paris to sign a new agreement on climate change, an insufficient agreement based on non-binding pledges. And thousands will take to the streets in Paris because the last word on climate change will not belong to politicians, but to us.

At dawn on December 12th, when the summit is coming to an end, we will meet up and start walking towards the conference center in Le Bourget in 5 groups of up to 800 people. We will draw red lines for a livable planet in a mass action of civil disobedience. We will re-focus from climate change to system change, emphasizing that the corporate-dominated UN process is not the solution to the climate crisis.

Yet this is not just symbolic.

  • While the politicians would like us to march somewhere conveniently distant from the summit, we will disrupt their business-as-usual.
  • It will also be a moment of peoples’ solutions in construction. Behind the red lines, we will have workshops to plan the 2016 actions.

Thousands of people are already making plans to come to Paris.

People from impacted communities in France, like in Seine St Denis outside Paris, who paid a heavy death toll during the 2003 heat wave. People from Pacific Island nations on the other side of the world, for whom climate action is a matter of survival. People from the communities surrounded by the world’s worst coal mines, frack sites and oil wells are all coming too.

Bloco de Esquerda is organizing a bus trip to Paris, and Climáximo invites all who would like to join in to this historic moment.


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