Climáximo in Paris, COP-21 #4: Break Free in May

The “leaders” in COP-21 is talking about the gap between the below-2C warming target and the current pledges locking us into a 3C path. But “leaders” of social movements in ZAC (Zone of Action for Climate) are. 2015 was the hottest year in record for the planet and for the movement, and in 2016 we want to get the movement hotter. In May 2016, some 12 struggles around the world will escalate the struggle in acts of civil disobedience: Break Free 2016

Near Portugal, Ende Gelände will have a massive coal mine blockade in Germany and there will be actions against the anti-renewable regulations in Spain. We knew we cannot rely on COP’s for climate justice, but from now on we will not even wait for them to have moments of mass mobilization. We are the ones we have been waiting for, and we will take the lead.

Sinan, December 9th

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