How to follow the climate agenda? How to follow Climáximo?

Facebook changed its algorithm’s priorities about what to show in your News Feed. The official explanation is that it will be more for social networking with friends and family, and less about social media. In reality, it’s about money, of course.

You already started seeing much less posts from the pages you liked. Only pages that pay for sponsored content will be able to reach you. This is a problem if you were using Facebook as a means to reach alternative sources of information. It is also a big problem if you were using Facebook to know about events happening around you. Because none of this will appear in your News Feed. (They will appear in Pages Feed, but on smartphones that is very unpractical.)

This change can be drastic for many of us.

In particular, you will see less news about climate change and climate struggles through Climáximo, and you might not hear about some of our initiatives.

So here is what you can do:

1) Prioritize our page

Our Facebook page can be useful for you, because we share news about climate science and the climate justice movement, as well as our own initiatives. Here is how to see these posts:

Go to Climáximo’s page. Click on “Following”, and under “In Your News Feed”, select “See first.” This way, the contents we share will appear in your News Feed.

fb page

2) Follow our website

On our website, we publicize our activities, publish opinion articles, and share resources. Here is how you can follow what we are up to.

Go to Climáximo’s website:

On the footer leave your name and email and click “Submeter”. This way you will receive an email every time we post something on our website.

3) Subscribe to Agenda pelo Clima

Agenda pelo Clima is an interactive map where we share all events in Portugal (Climáximo’s or not) related to climate justice. In fact, you can post your own event. Here is how you can receive information about actions, conferences, meetings, protests, movie screenings and more.

One simple way is to visit Agenda pelo Clima regularly:

agenda clima

But you may forget to check, because there are so many different websites to check every day. However, if you RSVP any event by giving your email and postal code, you will automatically receive emails about all the future events near you.

4) Follow us on Twitter

Twitter did not change its algorithm yet. There, you see whatever was posted last.

We duplicate all our Facebook posts on our Twitter account. You can follow us:

5) Come to a meeting

We also have old-fashioned solutions. 🙂 If you want to get involved in climate activism, you can join our weekly meetings. Here is more information about them:

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