Victory: Portugal free of fossil fuel extraction projects as company abandons the last contract.

In 2015, there were a total of 15 fossil fuel exploration and extraction contracts (onshore and offshore) in Portugal. Through years of struggle, against the governments insistence and despite the fact that the parliament voted down – several times – proposals for their cancellation; the last remaining 2 contracts in Central Portugal were abandoned.

One year after Camp-in-Gás, the first action camp in Portugal against fossil gas and for climate justice that united local groups, national collectives as well as international activists against the drilling project in Bajouca in the Leiria district; Australis Oil and Gas gave up its concessions for fossil gas exploration and extraction in the area.

The struggle involved mass protests, direct actions, climate strikes and local campaigning all over the country throughout the years, and managed to force companies off the regions. Today the last two of the 15 projects are gone due to public pressure.

This is a day of celebration of victory of the people against a suicidal industry.

We are aware that the fight for a fossil free Portugal is far from over until the decree law giving incentives for new projects is revoked and a ban on all new fossil fuel projects is established.

We are also aware that a victory for a non-increase in emissions is not even near to what is necessary to avoid climate breakdown. Climáximo is calling for a wave of mobilizations in Autumn, including a mass civil disobedience action in Lisbon on October 5th: We Are the Anti-bodies.

3 thoughts on “Victory: Portugal free of fossil fuel extraction projects as company abandons the last contract.

  1. Bravo to all the citizens who participated in resisting this country’s easily buyable government and the oil companies. Galp who were trying to explore from the beautiful village of Aljézur all the way up to the Alentejo coast should be boycotted by energy consumers.

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