Total collapse – wrap-up

From 15th to 22nd of November (2021) several actions against Total and global climate criminals, were taken on 13 countries across 26 cities.

The most vulnerable countries on the front line, like Mozambique, Congo, Zambia, had people making their protests visible.

On Mozambique, Total exploits and attacks communities and biodiversity, being most prominent the one which is happening on Cabo Delgado. Also, one of the most violent and deadly hurricanes, Idai, reclaimed several lives on the country, and the blood is on Total’s and major emitters hands.
Democratic Republic of the Congo suffers from exploitation of oil and mining resources in the Virunga National Park.
There are countless other examples, because almost all African countries are suffering from neocolonialism and the consequences of global capitalism.

Also, activists from countries in the Global North, like France, Germany, Spain, UK, Portugal, Denmark, etc. made several actions against major emitters, the ones responsible for the chaos that wrecks global south countries, and is starting to get more visible in Global North countries.

On Copenhagen, activists took the matter in their one hands and occupied Total’s scandinavian headquarters.
In Portugal, since there is no representation of Total, the target was the major emitting infrastructure, a refinery which belongs to Galp. A company that is also present in the Exxon-mobil gas consourtium present in Cabo Delgado.
These actions were accompanied by some interesting webinars, for example:
“How to blow up Total”, with Andreas Malm, organised by Collapse Total DE.

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