1st of June (Webinar) | Tackling the Energy Crisis: an Emerging Movement for Energy Democracy and Climate Justice

A webinar with inputs from EPSU, RWE & Co. Enteignen (Germany) and Climáximo (Portugal). Organised by Attac Austria, CEO and RLS Brussels

The global energy system has been identified as central at the nexus of different struggles: By the many who are fighting for climate justice, against the power of multinationals or a system that engendered the worst cost of living crisis in the last 30 years in Europe.

A movement for public and democratic control over energy production and supply is emerging, with events such as the ‘Power to the People’ conference in Vienna earlier this spring. In the webinar, we want to take a next step and share campaigns, models and strategies for a transformation of the energy system. We will discuss the potential of public ownership, socialisation, expropriation and cooperatives for a future energy system that provides clean and affordable energy for all. And we will discuss how the European Parliament’s decision-making on reforming EU electricity markets (EMD) provides opportunities for the struggles for energy democracy and climate justice.

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