24 June | Daring It – A strategy proposition for the climate justice movement

We need a leap.

We are aware that the governments and the corporations are pushing us to climate collapse. How dare them?

We also feel that our own strategies would send us to the same climate collapse but maybe a couple of years later. How dare we?

If you share our feelings and if you’d like to dare to win, join us in this propositional strategy webinar to anchor ourselves back to climate realism.


What? We will present several narrative and strategy proposals for 2023, mostly for the European context, that we have been working on. They are: Last Winter of Gas, Their Time to Pay, Global Climate Jobs Conference and Earth Social Conference.

Who is holding this session? Climáximo is a climate justice collective based in Lisbon, Portugal, with a strong presence in international networks and campaigns. www.climaximo.pt

When? June 24th, Saturday, WEST=13:00 | CEST=14:00 | EEST=15:00. Duration: 90 minutes

Where? Online. Register here.

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