5 July | Handbrake to Stop Climate Collapse

This presentation is about connecting two dots: 1) capitalism is the main cause of the climate and social crisis and 2) the climate emergency, means action must be taken now. The logical conclusion is that we need to dismantle capitalism in the short term.

Our proposition is to go beyond campaigning and build a theory of change compatible with the climate crisis and its root causes.

We propose a movement-level structure and grand strategy aimed at systemic change within climate deadlines. Our leading questions will be: What transformative strategies exist and how do they relate to each other? What elements are missing from the movement? Which capacities of the movement have not been mobilized? How can we get an overview of the big picture? And how can we plan for systemic change?

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The session will be at 15:00 (3pm) UTC. Time zones are confusing. They are more confusing when it’s summer in the Northern hemisphere because some countries use daylight saving measures. (At the time of writing, no region in the European continent is at the UTC time zone. If you are in Europe, you will have to add 1, 2 or 3 hours to find your local time.)

We will take around 2 hours in total. After an initial presentation we will have room for debate and to hear your thoughts on the framework we are presenting.

We will hold the session on BigBlueButton, for which you’ll receive a link after you register.

For registration, we only need an email address and a name to refer to you. We will keep that information for six months on Framaforms in case of a follow-up afterwards. You can register here.

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