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CAMP 1.5

Climate crisis is here. The most exploited communities are the ones suffering the most with its impacts. We call everyone to come camping in Melides, in Alentejo’s coast, from the 6th to the 10th of July!

Save these dates on your calendar and come camping, from the 6th until 10th of July, in Melides!


Registration link here: – it is in Portuguese, so please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at acampamento1.5 [-at-] climaximo [-dot-] pt. Once you register, we ask you to also proceed with the payment – learn more about the contributions below. You can do it here.


Camp 1.5 is an action camp for Climate Justice and against fossil Capitalism, on the Alentejo’s coastline and in Portugal.


This summer we decided to focus our action on the Alentejo’ coastline. This region is one of the greatest exponents of fossil capitalism in Portugal.

This is reflected in food and solar panel monocultures, poor water and soil management, precarious work in greenhouses, lack of public transport, closure of infrastructure without any just transition plan for workers and local communities, in the luxury resorts and golf courses that are planned to be built, and in increasing the capacity of the Port of Sines, which imports fossil gas and transports live animals over thousands of kilometers. Added to this is the fact that the national infrastructure with the highest emission of greenhouse gases, the GALP refinery, is located in Sines.


We will be camping in Melides from the 6th to the 10th of July, 2022.


In Melides – on the grounds of the Melides fair (coordinates 38.154144, -8.730468). In front of the restaurant “Quinta do Lourenço”.


The camp is organized by Climáximo, with the help of many volunteers who have joined the various work teams.

The Camp Call has the subscription of several national and local organizations.

Why don’t you want to miss this camp?

This camp will mark the movement for climate justice in Portugal, and on the Alentejo’s coast. We will, in a creative, disruptive, and performative way, create non-violent direct actions for all tastes and shapes, on the pressing issues in this region. Also, come to hear testimonies of the impacts of capitalism on the Alentejo’s coastline. All of this will be accompanied by various social, cultural, musical, and leisure moments, as we consider it important that relations between activists be strengthened at all levels.

What will happen?

This will be an action camp, for 1.5 °C. We will prepare and execute direct actions, in which together, with strength and creativity, we will demand that the interests of people and the planet are put before profit. We will return to the Sines refinery, to demand a just transition, guided by climate science, driven by social justice, and led by workers. In addition, you will be able to count on moments of testimony, debate, training, socializing, and sharing. In this camp, we will collectively think and define the next steps for the climate justice movement in Portugal, so that it comes out stronger, more motivated, and more empowered.

What is the program for the 5 days?

The Camp 1.5 program is organized by axes: “1.5 for the Future”, “1.5 vs Capitalism”, “On the Streets for 1.5”, and “Next steps for 1.5”.

The “1.5 for the Future” axis will start the camp with an Opening Plenary, which will introduce the program of activities, as well as the safe space policy, and the logistical, reproductive and care tasks that will allow this event to take place in a timely, safe, comfortable, and interesting way for all people. On the second day, we will have a space for thematic sessions, promoted by different organizations on “Visions, Alternatives and Paths”. This axis also includes the Children Space, which will have its own program.

The axis “1.5 vs Capitalism” aims to explore the link between the Capitalist system and the Climate Crisis, through a session on “Capitalism and Climate” and a plenary “Impacts and Testimonies” that will be attended by workers and people from affected communities by the different pressing problems on the Alentejo’s Coastline, and who will come to tell us about their experiences.

The axis “On the Streets for 1.5” intends to prepare and execute direct actions. In this sense, there will be action training sessions, an introduction to civil disobedience, action rehearsals, and material sessions. In addition, in this context, we will organize a plenary of action “For 1.5”, in which we will expose and discuss the reasons why we organized ourselves, so that, the next day, we return to the Refinery, as well as why, in the afternoon of on the 9th, we will join in Sines in a demonstration “For 1.5ºC, end to Capitalism”. Also, during camp there will be space and time for participants to prepare for other actions.

The “Next steps for 1.5” axis will take place on the last day of the camp. It starts with a session on “How to build a movement?” and ends with the Final Plenary, which will be a space for construction and presentation of the next steps for the Climate Justice movement in Portugal.

Who can participate?

The camp is open to everyone, however, registration is mandatory. Please register here (until June 25th).

This is an action camp, but anyone with or without experience can and should join. During the camp, we will have the necessary training and rehearsals so that anyone interested can join. The action will be composed of several small actions, with different levels of disruption, so it will allow everyone to participate. However, we advise you to show up at the camp on the opening day, so you can participate in training and rehearsals. Otherwise, you can still join the action, but with some limitations.

Can I come with children?          

Yes! We are going to have a Child space, with its own program.

Should I appear out of nowhere?

The camp is open, but registration is mandatory, so we ask those interested to register in advance. If you only found out about the camp a few days before, you can still join by showing up and signing up at the registration tent. However, in that case, we cannot guarantee that there will still be meals and transport available, as these will be planned according to the number of registrations, before the start of the camp.

How do we organize?

We organize ourselves via Open Assemblies, which have taken place frequently since February. These assemblies were facilitated by the Coordination Team during the process of organizing the camp but were attended by people from other collectives and organizations, as well as individuals. Here you can see the pre-camp organizational structure, whose teams were open to the participation of all interested parties.

How can I help you?

Sign up now in the registration form and volunteer for the pre-camp organizational structure teams.

In the camp itself, we will also need help. You can see the organizational structure of the camp here, and you can volunteer for the different teams. You can do this through the registration form, in the reception tent, upon arrival at the camp or by sending an email to camp1.5 [-at-] climaximo [-dot-] pt.

You can also support this initiative on the Open Collective.

How do I get there?

You can take the train to Grândola and there we will have a bus to take you to the camp. This bus will only operate on Wednesday (6th) and Friday (8th) and the timetables will take into account the trains that arrive in Grândola. Specific timetable information will be sent in the welcome kit that you will receive after registration. Then, on the 10th, the last day of the camp, another bus will take you back to Grândola.

When should I arrive?

Ideally, you should arrive on Wednesday (the 6th), when the camp starts, but we understand that this is not possible for everyone.

But if you want to be part of the action, and you don’t have experience with direct civil disobedience actions, you should be at the camp on Wednesday (the 6th) to participate in the “Introduction to civil disobedience” training, the 7th in the morning.

-If you want to do civil disobedience and you have already had this training before, you must arrive no later than Friday morning, to participate in the Action Training: Affinity Groups.

-If you don’t want to do civil disobedience, you should still arrive no later than Friday morning for the Action Training: Affinity Groups.

However, we can only provide transport from Grândola on Wednesday (6th) and Friday (8th). The timetables will consider the trains that arrive at Grândola. Specific timetable information will be sent in the welcome kit that you will receive after registration.

What should I bring?

Tent, sleeping bag, and mattress to sleep comfortably. You should keep in mind that the terrain where we are going to camp is gravel, so although we have places to sit, it might be good to bring a pillow. The pillow can help you to be more comfortable in the various places in the camp. Then, due to the heat, bring a hat, sunscreen, a bottle of water, and some warm clothing, as the nights will be windy, and it can be cold. You should also bring a spray bottle, to spray ourselves with water during the day, and mosquito repellent, preferably one that is suitable for tropical areas, as the surrounding rice paddies attract many insects.

Will there be food?

Yes. The food will be vegan and the menu is being prepared by activists. During the camp, we will need volunteers to help those in the kitchen. We will have, in the reception tent, a place where you can volunteer to help in any of the shifts.

What are the costs?

The camp works by free donation. The estimated cost of €8 per day guarantees breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, but we will not deny food to anyone who has signed up. Thus, the suggested value is €32 for those who go from beginning to end. You can still contribute the amount you think is fairer. You can do it here.

What is the budget for this camp?

We estimated an initial value of €24,000, considering food for 400 people every day, transport costs, logistics (shades, tarpaulins, chairs, tables, and action materials), buses, installation of showers, and publicity. At this point, we have already managed to guarantee several borrowed materials, and we have already managed to significantly reduce the estimated budget. You can consult the transparent budget here.

If you wish to help us in your individual capacity, please fill in the form.

The organisations who wish to subscribe to this call should send an email to: climaximo [-at-] riseup [-dot-] net with the subject “Camp 1.5”. We will get back to you during the next few days.

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