No aviation growth! No false climate solutions!

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We won’t be fooled by the false promise of “carbon-neutral growth” of aviation. The plans by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), a specialised UN agency, to greenwash the aviation industry are absurd [1]. They claim it is OK to increase emissions if they pay others to reduce them – the so-called “offset” projects. But it is a fallacy that offsets can neutralize the emissions caused elsewhere, especially offsets that involve storage of carbon in forests and soils[2].

Offsets lead to more problems than they solve. They are a license to pollute. They increase emissions, often lead to violations of human rights [3], and distract from real solutions. Emissions need to be cut at the source. That is why the air traffic volume needs to shrink, not grow.

We want real solutions for climate change!
  • No new airports and airport expansions. There are hundreds of airport and airport expansion projects around the world, destroying ecosystems, agricultural land, and livelihoods. We cannot afford to invest in more highly-destructive and carbon-intensive infrastructure [4].
  • No substitution of kerosene by biofuels. Biofuels are anything but carbon-neutral and would lead to even more land grabbing and less land for food production [5].
  • Stop state incentives for aviation and airports, and impose an energy tax on aviation fuel.
  • Invest in affordable and attractive train transport. Save and expand the night trains for longer distances.
  • Reduce the global transport of goods, and shift the remaining trade to more environmentally friendly forms of transportation. Strengthen the local and regional production and consumption of goods [6].

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