Airport project near Lisbon grounded. Next stop: a plan for a just and rapid reduction of aviation

The National Civil Aviation Authority flunked today the Montijo airport near Lisbon. The Authority refers to the objections raised by the city halls of Moita and Seixal and points out that the project requires the consent of all local governments.

This seems to be not the end of the Montijo story, as the government rushed to announce to consider revising the law that gives veto rights to local governments as well as evaluate the possibility of a different location for the new airport.

The ATERRA campaign, member of the Stay Grounded network, declares a cautious and humble victory, reminding that not building new infrastructures achieves at most a non-increase of emissions while we need to reduce emissions by 7% every year.

The campaign alerts that, besides canceling all new projects, it is necessary to stop the expansion of the current Lisbon airport.

A reduction in the aviation sector must protect the income and rights of the workers, professional training on a sustainable transport sector and the creation of new grounded jobs in the railway sector.

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