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Climate crisis is here. The most exploited communities are the ones suffering the most with its impacts. We call everyone to come camping in Melides, in Alentejo’s coast, from the 6th to the 10th of July!

About the Camp 1.5:

The climate crisis is already a reality! In Portugal, as in the rest of the world, it is often the most exploited and least responsible communities that suffer the impact of this crisis. In the Alentejo’s coastline, the interests and rights of workers, communities, and natural resources are attacked by capitalism in different ways. Therefore, the movement for Climate Justice will set up its tents in Melides this summer. From 6-10 July, we will be on the Alentejo coast in a camp of action, creativity, sharing, and resistance.

This will be an action camp, for the 1.5ºC. We will prepare and execute direct actions, in which together and with strength and creativity we will demand that the interests of people and the planet are put before those of profit. We will return to the Sines refinery, in greatness, and demand a fair transition for its workers.

In addition, you can count on moments of testimony, debate, training, conviviality, and sharing. In this camp, we will collectively think and define the next steps for the movement for climate justice in Portugal, and come out stronger, motivated, and empowered.

The 1.5 camp will mark the movement for climate justice in Portugal, and in the Alentejo Coast, you can’t miss it!


Why 1.5?

We live in the decisive decade to act and prevent the planet’s average temperature from exceeding 1.5ºC of warming. Meeting this objective means preventing the melting of the Arctic ice and deadly heat waves, it means preventing the mass extinction of animal and plant species, it means saving millions of lives.


What does capitalism have to do with this?

In recent years we have had major scientific breakthroughs in the area of renewable energies, but these are being added to fossil energies, not replacing them. What we are seeing is not an energy transition, it is an energy expansion, and the reality is that the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere continues to increase year by year.

The response of the institutions to the climate, social and ecological crisis we are experiencing is to repeat the same logic of injustice, inequality, discrimination, and capitalist exploitation that brought us to this crisis. This economic model has neither the capacity nor the intention to carry out a fair transition that responds to people’s real needs.


Why in the Alentejo coast?

The Alentejo coast is one of the leading exponents of fossil capitalism in Portugal.

This is reflected in the monocultures of food and solar panels, the poor management of water and soil, the precarious work conditions in greenhouses, the lack of public transport, the closure of infrastructure without any fair transition plan for workers and local communities, the luxury resorts and golf courses that are planned to be built, and the increased capacity of the Port of Sines which imports fossil gas and transports live animals for thousands of kilometres. Added to all this is the fact that the national infrastructure with the highest greenhouse gas emissions, the GALP refinery, is in Sines.


Why should you join?

During the camp we will hear testimonies of the impacts of capitalism on the Alentejo’s coastline. Come and get to know better, with the local population, the reality of those who suffer the direct impacts of capitalism on the Alentejo’s coastline. Furthermore, come to participate in direct actions where, in a creative, disruptive and performative way, we will act on the pressing problems in the region. Furthermore, you won’t want to miss the moments of conviviality, sharing and debate, and the construction of the next steps for the movement for Climate Justice in Portugal.

If you wish to help us in your individual capacity, please fill in the form.

The organisations who wish to subscribe to this call should send an email to: climaximo [-at-] riseup [-dot-] net with the subject “Camp 1.5”. We will get back to you during the next few days.

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