Climáximo Intro

We are an activist group moved by the urgency to fight against global climate change and its severe effects. We are aware of the links between the climate crisis, human rights issues and the inequitable distribution of wealth and power. Hence we struggle for new and sustainable ideas of well-being, for social and climate justice, and we resist against false solutions of “green capitalism”: we believe that commodification will always cause increasing cycles of exploration and destruction. We accept the scientific consensus: We need to urgently substitute fossil fuel by ecologically sustainable sources, and all new exploration and extraction projects must be stopped!

We need solutions for a just transition: local production, public transport, climate jobs etc. And most importantly, we must act now!

We have weekly meetings every Tuesday at 19:30 in CIDAC (Picoas). Our meetings are public (and are bilingual in the presence of a non-Portuguese-speaker), although we suggest you to contact us first so we can give you a brief introduction of the weekly agenda.

Join in!


To get a better sense of our activities, follow the English tag. For some of our political statements, visit this page.

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