4 September | Climate Walk arrives to Lisbon.

We were with the Climate Walk team in Sirigaita where they presented their project to us.

Climate Walk has two routes, one that already started in June at the northern-most edge of Europe in Norway, and another one that started at the western-most edge of Europe recently. The team will be marching a total of 11.000 km, reaching Vienna in April next year.

Everyone is welcome to join the walk as well as their events throughout the route.

The Climate Walk is a combined research, education and media-art project by the Wanderers of Changing Worlds. It is about walking across Europe to understand regional experiences of Climate Change. It is about listening to local perspectives, learning from them and connecting these stories together to construct a holistic, people-centric understanding of these complex phenomena.

The Climate Walk will walk through 17 European countries, exploring human perceptions, experiences and practices in dealing with Climate Change, and promote cooperation between individuals, local communities, and national and international  organizations. The team will be split in two, one starting from the North Cape on the 5th of June 2022, the second one beginning their journey in Cabo da Roca on September 1st 2022. They will unite in Vienna in April 2023.

The project consists of 5 interconnected dimensions: We Walk | We Listen | We Talk | We Create | We ConnAct

On September 4th, Sunday, at 19h00 we will be in Sirigaita (Rua dos Anjos, 12F, Intendente, Lisbon) with the Climate Walk team passing through Lisbon.

Join us in this conversation. Let’s listen, let’s talk, let’s create and let’s conn-act.

More information about the project: https://www.climatewalk.eu/

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